Thursday, 27 December 2012

Still new here

apa khabar suma?
sihat x..
 klaw sihat alhamdulillah~
Looks like this is the second time of me posting for this blog..
for some reason, every time I'm writing for this blog I always felt a feeling to write more and more.(Or was that just me)
every time I visited my friends blog, I felt the urge the write more for the readers of this blog..
so, sekarang penulis tengah baca tentang Google+.. anyone have any thoughts of this, because I dont now anything about it.. since I'm mostly fond of Facebook so, its quite hard to put some other things.. so, I guess I should just stack 'em all up in a pile in my big brain here and leave it undone..hehehe..(that's not a good habit, isn't it?)
I'm trying to learn more about Google+ but it just looks hard to understand....
Help me? anyone? please?
do leave a comment if you know anything about Google+...
Of course you guys have the complete right to say that 'I AM AN AMATEUR' when it comes to these things but at least 'I AM AN AMATEUR WHO IS WILLING TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW'..right?
looks like I'm done for today,
oh! almost forgot, my internet will be stopped tomorrow at 8.29pm, I think. So, I wont be able to update anymore. sorry~ and until then I better make the most out of it, right? Of course I wont be neglecting my prayers and solat , for I Am a MuSLliMah!!

till my next post,
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah~

Hostel,here I come!!

and a very good morning, noon or night to all my fantastic readers!..
apa khabar semua?? sehat x?
klaw sihat alhamdulillah, bersyukurlah anda ke hadrat Allah keranaNyalaa anda masih sihat pada hari ini..
andailah diri anda kurang sihat, demam ke, selsema ke , mungkin Allah nak uji kita and mungkin juga ada dosa2 kita yang ingin diampunkan olehNya, kan?
moving on to today's topic...
hmmm.. i wonder what should I be writing for today.
okay maybe nak cite psal  hostel life larh kot, maklumlaa lagi sehari jer lagi sebelum penulis officially kena daftar masuk asrama. Nak kata x suka, x jugak sbb mmg pnulis suka dok kat asrama, tambah2 plak x de senior2 yang jenis membuli, semuanya ok jer, tapi kami yang junior2 ni still hormat kat diorang. Walaupun orang kata "hostel life is so boring and dull' , so, di sini penulis ingin membidas 100% hujah tersebut! ngeh2

tapi seriously, life in hostels are not that boring, because you still have your friends all around you, right?
tambah plak waktu study ade kawan2 yang dapat menolong, sama ada tentang pelajaran ataupun bila dah tention study dalam bilik prep, boleyh jerr klaw nak ajak diorang sembang2 jap.

klaw dok kat umah pun mmg x dek kurangnya, kita boleyh gak study, ada mak ayah lagi kat situ, tapi stengah orang 'x appreciate ape yang ade depan mata' bila dok kat asrama baru sedar how they actually love their parents and families, right?

But still, setiap orang ada fikiran diorang sendiri when it comes to these things.

so, akhir kata, penulis nak minx maaf klaw ada pembaca2 yang marah m\penulis sbb2 campur adukkan bahasa melayu ngan bahasa inggeris. hehee... sorry yer

n penulis ponn nak minx maaf gak klaw ada yang x puas hati ngan apa yang penulis cuba hujahkann..

sekian , assalamualaikum warahmatullah..
##JawaPYerr SalaMM TuUUhh...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


and a very good morning, noon or night to all my readers!!..
 ##jgn lupa jawap salam ye!!

result pmr 2012 dapat diterima dengan selamatnya.
syukur ke hadrat Ilahi sebab diri ini mampu mengaut semua A yang ada..
walaupun dok kuat merapu la segala bagai..
total A yg dapat dikutip ialah 9A..

lama rasenya diri ini x meng'update' post kat blog nii..
rindu x kat diri ini...
x rindu pon x pe bukannya kesahh ponn..

prasan x kata nama blog ni sudah ditukar kepada nama blog yang lebih sedap dibaca.
I am a Muslimah..
sesuai dgn diri ini yang masih cuba untok memperbaiki kekuragan diri sendiri
harap2 x de laaa yg x suka kat nama blog nii
dan harap2 blog ni menarik minat lebih ramai pembaca yang aktif..
rasenya tuu laa harapan semua blogger kan???

skolah pon dah nak bukak.. rasanya saya akan trus men'unggul'kan diri sendiri di SMK Dato' Syed Omar..
rasenya x perlulaaa nak pindah2 nii..
takot plak klaw x dapat ikot 'rentak' skolah orang laen kan?
takot jugak klaw pindah skolah rase diri terlalu bagus dan akhirnya memakan diri sendiri...
jadi eloklaa klaw stay saje kat skolah tuu..
cikgu pon dah kenal..
kawan2 pon ramai
jadi x payah laaa nak bwat 'intro' all over again.. kan?

rasenya tuu ii.
nanti smbong laen yer andai ada kesempatan..

assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cleaning up this blog~~

and a very merry good morning, noon or night to my dear beloved readers...
looks like PMR is over and it has been a while since I last posted in here
Looks like my blog is quite dusty and Im here to do some cleaning up
 sorry everyone...
I guess I should try and keep up with my blog while waiting for my results
what else should I type
Well  I guess thats all
till my next post.
Ciaou!!! :3

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

selamat ari raya!

how are you?
selamat ari raya id like to wish to everyon!
raya this year was very2 tiring..
even the day before raya was tiring
i was happy that my along and my kak long got home from rawang safe and sound
and on the second day of  raya
we went to rawang to meet my mother's relatives
it was a very happy situation
every one was laughing and happy to meet each other.
i wish this raya could last forever but it just couldn't
oh well
thats all for now
catch you later!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012


heya everyone!
today is such a busy day!
as we all know today is raya!
a day celebrated by all muslims..
my elbow hurts although its my mouth that was doing all the job
my draft have completed and hope you guys will enjoy reading it..



the railway children-courageous-

Write about a character that shows courageous

                The novel that I have studied in Form 3 is The Railway Children. This novel is written by Edith Nesbit.

                Based on the novel The Railway Children, one of the characters which show courageous is Roberta or also known as Bobbie. Courageous was shown by Bobbie in Chapter 4 Bobbie's Ride, Chapter 5 Saving the train and in Chapter 6 The boy in the Red Shirt.

                Chapter 4 highlights what happened to Bobbie as she couragely went to where the trains stopped alone. The incident starts after Bobbie’s birthday. Peter gave Bobbie sweets for her birthday. Peter also gave her half of his engine. Bobbie decided to take the broken part of the engine. It was a lovely birthday for Bobbie. The next day, Bobbie put Peter’s train in a box and took it down the railway. She did not go to the railway but instead to the place where the engines stopped. When the next train came in, Bobbie went across the line and stood beside the engine. She had never been close to one before, and it was very big. The driver and the fireman did not see her. They were talking to perks, the porter on the other side of the line. Bobbie called out for them but they did not hear her for the engine was making too much noise and steam. So, she climbed on to the step of the engine but suddenly, the train began to move. Bobbie fell inside, on to the heap of coal. He cried for help. But still the men did not see her or hear her. Bobbie knew that she should not be there and she thought that she will be in big trouble as the train began to move faster. She put out her hand and touched the nearest arm, and the driver turned round quickly. The driver was shocked to see Bobbie and Bobbie began to cry. This seemed to worry the two men. They took several minutes to calm her down and to stop her from crying. The two men asked Bobbie why was she here. Bobbie explained everything and told the two men that she wanted someone to help her mend the toy steam engine. The driver took the little engine and the two men agreed to help Bobbie fix Peter’s steam engine. Now, they had to think of a way to get Bobbie home. Bobbie stayed on the train until they reached Stackpoole Junction. While waiting, she asked the two men all about driving a steam engine. It was all very interesting. At Stackpoole Junction, the two railway men put her on another train and sent her home. Bobbie was back in time for tea. She did not tell her siblings about her adventure. It was some weeks before Bobbie took her brother and sister to meet the friendly engine driver and fireman. The two children were very surprised. This incident shows that Bobbie is a courageous girl. She braves herself as went to where the engines stop.

                The next incident which shows Bobbie is courage is in Chapter 5 Saving the Train. One day, the children were walking by the fence along the top of the hill beside the railway line. Phyllis stood by the fence and looked down at the lines at the bottom. Suddenly, they heard a noise. It was soft, but very clear, and suddenly began to get louder. The girls looked and saw a tree moving slowly downwards on the opposite side of the railway line. They thought it was magic. They watched as the trees moved on and on, grass and stones moving with them. Then a big rock began to move as well, and suddenly half the hillside was moving. A second or two later, everything came crashing down in a big heap on the railway line below. They were as the landslide was across the railway line. They wanted to inform the people at the railway station but it was too late for the 11.29 would come. They thought for a moment. Peter pointed out that they needed something red to warn the people on the train. Peter knew that red would mean danger. Phyllis remembered that their petticoats were red. The girls took off their petticoats and took some sticks. Peter took a knife from his pocket and cut them into six pieces. The petticoats were then put onto sticks. They had six flags. They pushed two of the flags into the heaps of stone between the lines, then Bobbie and Phyllis each took one and Peter took the other two. They stood ready to wave them immediately the train appeared. It seemed a long time before they heard the train coming. The train came very, very fast as they waved their flags. The lines begin to shake. Suddenly the flag that was pushed on to the heaps of coal fell over, but Bobbie ran across and picked up one of them even when Peter told not to. They were frightened if the train did not want to stop. She ran onto the line, waving her two flags. Peter once again told Bobbie to get off the line, bit Bobbie did not move from the line. She waved and waved her flags, shouting to the train to stop as the big steam engine came towards her. Lucky for Bobbie the train did stop only 20 metres away from Bobbie. Peter and Phyllis ran along the line to tell the driver about the trees and rocks around the corner. Bobbie could not move because her legs were shaking too much, she had to sit down on the ground. This incident shows how brave or courage Bobbie is as she stepped on the line. She did not care what will happen to her as long as she can save the train.

                The final incident that shows courage in Bobbie is in Chapter 6 the Boy in the Red Shirt. That day, the boys from Maidbridge held a paper-chase. Perks told the children that the boys may go along beside the railway line, so the children decided to watch. There were men working on the railway line, and the children began by watching them. They almost forgot about the paper-chase and heard a voice that shouted “Let me pass, please.” It was the first boy from the school. They watched as the boys ran. The final boy was wearing a red shirt. The boys ran through the tunnel. The three children decided to wait on the other side of the tunnel to watch the boys run. They had to wait for almost one hour for the boys to run through. Alas, the boys ran through the tunnel. They watched as the boys ran by, for some reason they did not see the boy in the red shirt. The children began to worry, and they climbed down to the mouth of the tunnel, but they could not see the boy in the red shirt because it was too dark. Since the tunnel was dark, they walked beside the line. Peter advised her sisters to stand flat on the wall if a train came. There was a low noise on the railway line and suddenly, a train came. They pushed themselves against the wall. After the train went by, Peter took out and end of a candle from his pocket, and his hands was shaking when he lit it with a match. And so, the children went further inside the tunnel.  To their amazement, they saw the boy in the red shirt on the ground, beside the line. His eyes were closed and he did not move when they reached him. Slowly the boy opened his eyes. Bobbie asked if the boy could walk or not. The boy did try to walk, but he could only stand on one foot. The pain was awful. He sat down again and closed his eyes. The others looked at each other. Bobbie told her siblings to go find help for the boy. She also told her siblings that she will stay with the boy. Peter looked worried, he was worried for Bobbie because she would be alone in the tunnel with the boy. Bobbie cuts that thought and told her siblings to go fetch help. Bobbie asked for Peter’s knife and after that Peter and Phyllis went away. Bobbie watched as their figures disappear, and then she put her little candle beside the boy’s foot. Bobbie used the knife to cut the boy’s boot off, then she looked at the broken leg. The boy woke up. Bobbie learned that the boy’s name was Jim and he was from Northumberland.  At that time, Peter and Phyllis went to the farm to get help. When the two children got back from the tunnel with the men from the farm, they found Bobbie and Jim asleep. The men carried Jim on a piece of flat wood. So, in the end of this incident, Jim was taken to the children’s home and Mother took care of Jim. This incident shows how courageous Bobbie is as she bravely stayed alone with Jim in the dark tunnel.

                As a conclusion, Bobbie really showed courageous in her actions. I really admire how courageous she is when she was in each situation. In chapter 4 which is my first point, Bobbie was brave as she went to where the trains stop alone. Meanwhile in Chapter 5, it was brave of Bobbie as she stepped on the line and finally, in chapter 6 it was courageous of Bobbie to stay with Jim in the dark tunnel alone. That is why I chose Bobbie as the character which shows courageous in her actions.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Its almost done!

just to tell you guys..
my draft is almost over!
I hope you guys cant wait to read it
even I cant wait to see it published here..
I wonder what will my teacher say.
There is still some things I got to write
Im writing my conclusion for now

what else should I write here.
Its jealous to see other people can write long entries for their blog
I thought I wanna try doing that too
but my problem is..
I got quite nothing to write..
maybe you guys can help me brainstorm..
let me tell you guys about my past trial.
It was ..
I have no idea how to describe it
Living Skills..
Agama Islam..
A total of nine subjects..
other people only took eight subjects.
but I took nine..
My whole class,3 KAA 1 and 3KAA 2 took 9 subjects altogether.
It was quite a struggle to achieve all those nine As.
wish us luck!

thats all for now 
make sure to read my literature draft okay!



Heya guys! whats up? the sky is up.. of course.. duh!
A very good morning noon or nght to all my readers.... 
asssalamualaikum has already been 'pictured' so I dont need to write that twice right?
any ways enough of those introductions which im sure you guys are already tired to read

Cuti raya has started....
but that has also mean that pmr is getting closer

not just pmr but spm is too..
but for now Im facing PMR
pickles ..
My results were okay... right teacher munirah?
but I know I had to try a thousand times more harder to beat all my rivalz
My closest rivals are apparently my closest friends
that all right, right?
because that means Im leading a healthy fight among my friend 
actually im writing this because im actually tired of writing my draft
arghhhh its soo long
cant wait till teacher munirah reads it....hahaha

There are lots of things I want to tell you guys of course 
but ... nah
maybe not
 I dont quite have the time actually..

the real point is...
my PMR is coming although Eid Fitr is coming but all those books arent gonna read themselves , you know!
especially History and Geography... those are some topics I got to review...
its already late at night and I think I can already go wish everyone good morning by now, ahakz!
Good Night Malaysia!

love ya!
ciaou                        :3

my raya homework

And a very good morning, noon or night to all of you...
how are ya?
Im fine thank you.
its been a while since I wrote,
ramadhan came and went....
only 2 days left till......
since I live in Kedah...
we were given a one day early holiday,
so that means 
I got pretty much nothing to do
but luckily..
our English language teacher gave us homework 
to fill that empty spot.....
I dont know if I want to say Im happy or not...
PMR is only a few months away..... so I guess I should be happy...
I guess

Relating to the homework...
my whole class and I got 2 literature homework to be done..
my group A.K.A Adik's group(which is me)
was assigned to complete a literature essay on characters.
the literature is a new literature which is a novel named 
The Railway Children
you can watch the movie in Youtube if you'd like
Our group have to write on a character which shows courageous and shows true leadership....
Anyways ...
wish me luck!


Friday, 20 July 2012

teringin plak nak post....

and a very good morning, noon or night
tetiba rase cam nak blogging plak
nak kata ape org rindu blog sendiri laa tuu
 just to tell you guys... 
adek ada join satu generation ni
nama dia 
kitaorang reka sendiri
ade mak tok
abah wan
mak long, mak ngah, mak lang, mak teh and mak su
aq anak maksu dalam family tuu
kita orang digelar family alim
kes family tu dipelopori oleh husna pozi, kakak , aq and dayah
kita orang x kesah kena label yg tuu
at the very least...
jadi doa kan?
 so lots of things happened...
korea craze....
 greyson chance....
justin bieber....
and thousands more
since im an otaku....
Ill leave those aside
thats all for today......nanti la plak. aq corat-coret dalam ni...
tahon bile plak tataw arr....
till then 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

uaaaaa............. lamanya

amacam? sehat...
dah lama adek tak coret dalam blog
maybe tak de orang nak baca

Monday, 4 June 2012

I did it!

and a very good morning noon or night 
to all my readers

adek tlh berjya untok membuang welcome image
thanks to teguran dari abang tercinta yg mengatakan
welcome tab to menyusahkan 
adek decide untok membuangnya 
and finally I did it!
hoho.... syok sendiri
thats all for now


Thursday, 31 May 2012

The next assignment-(Here I go!-2)-

and a very very good morning, noon or night to my readers.
How are ya?
Did you read my last post?
hope you did..
Just to tell you guys again that was my first assignment after quite some time.
today I got another assignment to complete.
And just like before, the assignment was given on a piece on paper and it was a guided writing.
(Just like the past post)
this time.. the guided writing was an article 
on the importance of eating more vegetables and fruits.
Here I go!

                For many reasons, vegetables and fruits became very important for all of us. It became an important food for each and every human to take in their meals.In this article, I am going to focus on the importance of eating vegetables and fruits in our daily diet.

               Do you know that eating vegetables make you healthy? If you are already healthy then it will make you healthier. The fruits or vegetables you eat gives you a large dose of vitamins needed in your body. This is the biggest reason why vegetables and fruits or important to all of us. Eating unhealthy food such as burgers or pizzas can never satisfy our needs on vitamins like vegetables do.

                Eating fruits and vegetables also gives you a clearer complexion. It also reduces pimples! This is what all girls want and of course boys.There is no question about what one can do in order to get a fairer and clearer complexion. Having better appearance will boost confidence in oneself. They will feel a lot confident in what they do in their daily activities.

                 This is one of the biggest difference between junk food and vegetables. Vegetables are a lot cheaper than junk food and fast food! It helps you save up more money than buying and eating all those junk food and fast food. By saying that it also means that an individual can learn to spent money wisely. So, not only that one can become healthy but they can also save money.

                 And finally, eating these healthy vegetables and fruits makes you feel energetic and active. It also means that you will have a perfect body structure desired by anyone. It reduces the risk of getting terrible diseases hunting anyone nowadays. The referred diseases are diabetes and heart problems.

                 So, let me ask you, do you want to lose a leg just because of food? Or do you want to live in wards also because of the food you eat? Start changing how your mind thinks and talks and start eating all these healthy foods!

Well thats all for now I'll right some more later on.

'till then ciao!

Here I go!

And a very good morning, noon or night to all my readers!. How are you?
its been a long while since I wrote to you.... hehehe....sorry...
today lets celebrate with my newest assignment...
the question's not given because its given during class on a paper
(Its a guided writing..)
here i go...

       The school holidays just started a few weeks ago. The students of SMK Dato' Syed Omar went on a trip to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Malaysia. It was the waterfall at Ulu Yam. Although some of them had already went there before but they wanted to gain other experience with their friends.
       The trip started early in the morning. It was 6.40 a.m when everyone gathered at the school compound. After we gathered at the school compound we started to walk to the nearest bus station.  Although the bus came a little bit late but it did not burn our spirits to go to Ulu Yam. After waiting, the bus came and we rode the bus to our destination, Ulu Yam.

       We reached Ulu Yam at 1 p.m. Everyone was excited as we got down the bus. The view was wonderful as it is surrounded with the undisturbed forest. We then found out that it was a recreation park. We also found out that Ulu Yam was famous for it's waterfalls. There were many people there when we arrived. Everyone changed their clothes and dove into the cold waters. it was an enjoyable time to all of us.

       Suddenly the rain came pouring down. It did spoiled our mood a little. Everyone jumped out of the water and ran to find shelter. We all tried to save themselves from the rain. We changed our clothes and those who did not change their clothes were found wet because of the rain. But it was a fun experience for all of us. While waiting for the rain to settle down we decided to do our prayers. One of the boys in our group became the 'imam' of our jamaah.

      A few minutes later, the rain stopped and we were able to continue our activities. So, we decided to start the barbecue we had all been waiting for. the boys went to search for some firewood and started a bonfire. We grilled marshmallows and fishes we caught earlier. Some brought out some food and snacks for us to enjoy. 
   We went to swim again and after enjoying all the time we had went home by bus. It was late in the evening when the bus came and we reached home 6 hours later. It was a really exciting experience to all of us.
so, how was it?
enjoyed reading it?
Im sorry if anything is wrong and comment down there
make sure to read my next assignment later on.
till then, ciaou!


Saturday, 21 April 2012

After a while

Akhirnya....sorry stelah lama adek x menulis..
tapi ni pon x dpat nak tules panjang2 sebab nak keluaw..
ampun dipinta ... maaf dihulur la yee

Friday, 6 April 2012

an unforgettable event

and a very good morning noon or night to my dear reader. 
so this it, how it goes..
my uncle and his family came and went to Thailand, 
they decided to stay there for a night.
unluckiy orthem Hatyai's Lee Garden blew up and their car blew up too.
 But luckily, they were already out from the car and went shopping.
our family, here in malaysia had done so many ways to save them 
and to bring them out from Thailand.
My aunt called the Malaysia's Embassador and talked their way out.
All of my mother's relative came to help them out.
after days and days of waiting at the border, they were finally out.
 at all those time, i was at my hostel and was only able to hear from far.
so, that was all that happened and now they are still thinking about the car that blew up.
but im really relieved that my uncle's family are all safe.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

my hopes towards the future

and a very good morning, noon or night to my precious readers.

I have a hope for my future,
and I dont know whats awaiting me,
whether it is sweet as sugar,
or as salty as salt,
i dont know,
and still hoping to know

                            Everyone have a hope for their future. As for me, my only one hope is actually for this world to become a better place for us to live in. The world we live know is not as safe as it is before. Everything is not going how it used to be.
                   The world that we are now walking on may not be safe anymore.Our beloved Earth is threatened. By who, by us humans. Maybe we are not the ones who are doing it, but look around you. Isn't deforestations done by human, isn't using Chlorofluorocarbon are human, open your minds and think about it. Almost everything we are using might affect the world we are living know. 
                            I hope that the smart readers reading this post, will take notice of what ever is happening to our beloved Earth. And I am sure that almost everyone of you who had read this will start to realize how big my hope is. So, know lets start making our world a better place.

Yesterday's doings.. :3

since assalamualaikum is already stated...
Good morning, noon or night to my non-muslim readers 
(if there is......)
allow me to recall what I did yesterday
But first I want to use my everyday language which is
Bahasa Malaysia
saya akan membahasakan diri saya 'adek'
sebab ni kan blog 'The Cute Adek'

kelmarin...lepas sembahyang subuh, tidur balek..hehhehhe :P.
pastu breakfast dengan family
(everyone lepas solat tido balek sebab x larat kecuali ayah ... ayah gi beli breakfast)
hanya sbagai peringatan, kitaorang still dekat bandar tasik puteri,selangor
pastu gi umah makcik dekat bandar country homes(dekat je)
duk kat situ sampai maghrib.kitaorang main internet dengan sepupu....hehehe.(seharian tuu)
lepas maghrib kitaorang gi umah mak teh dekat Taman Desa
(actually umah makcik, mak teh and ucu semua dekat2)
seronok tuuuu, makan dinner together, anjang pon ada,..
meriah gile....
tetapi pada penghujung dinner tu...
sepupu yang kitaorang men internet tu collapse tiba2 because of health problems...huhu
sedih......adek doakan dia cepat lega sebab skarang ni dia kat hospital
well, thats alla for now..
wassalamualaikum and goodbye!


I am soooo happy!!
finally, I am able to make this blog a lot better for my 
beloved readers
I hope you guys will enjoy this blog a lot more.
And I am sorry if the 'renovations'
made your computer or whatsoever slow...
I'm sorry about that.

Anyways....enjoy my blog!
untill then
and goodbye!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

my best friend!!

                   Everyone have their own best friend. Some people call them buddies but I think of them as a family. A friend is someone who is close to us, understand us, care for,us and will always be there for us. Its not surprising that everyone have at least one best friend.
                   So, allow me to share with all you about my best friend. Her name is Najwa Najihah. She is the same age as I am. That was what grew us closer to each other. She was born on October 1997. She is 6 months younger than me but we did not care. 
                   During form 1, she used to be a SMK Tunku Sharifah Rodhiah student and moved to SMKDSO after one week of schooling. But, since we go to the same school before, so no 'introduction' is needed, if you know what I mean.Know, she is in the same class as I am, 3 KAA 1. 
                      Najwa is a cute person, with cute personalities. Its a shame if you do not know her. She is a talkative person. Cheerful and always ready to give away a smile which is something that I adore her. Even if I started hating her, the hate just would not last. I guess it is because how she entertains me with all her funny jokes or something.
                    I am very glad to have a friend like her in my life. But do not be jelous of me because I actually have 3 more best friends behind me with her at my side. They are Husna, Azhani and my beloved sister Hazwani.  
                     As a conclusion, it does not matter how many best friends you have as long as you know how to take care of their feeling and treat them well.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The last day of SCHOOL TUITION!!

and good morning noon or night
How are you? 
my dear readers??
I hope your fine as always
say thanks to The Almighty for giving us healthy health as we live

I want to announce this to everyone
but still..
at the same time
it is still sad to not be able to see my friends anymore
oh well....
I'll see them when school starts right?
after coming back from tuition
at about 4 pm
my family and I started our trip to Rawang!!
Now Im at my brother's house at Bandar Tasik Puteri
his house has wifi!
Im going to use it as much as I can
(without ignoring my responsibilities, of course)
I guess that is all for now
Im so tired!
Assalamualaikum and
Good night


Monday, 12 March 2012

My life . . . :3

Assalamualaikum and good morning, noon or night
to all of my readers
Today Im gonna talk about my life
I wonder what I should talk about.......
Well, here goes nothing

                      My life. A word full of meanings. It means anything to anyone.No matter who you are or where you come from.
                      What do you think of my life? I guess its hard to think since everyone has their own life to think about. It does not matter what you think of my life. But let me tell you how my life actually goes.
                       I am born on the 18th of May 1997. A special day to me. I was also born a twin. My twin is a girl and her name is Hazwani.(Check out her blog at . 
                        Last year (2011), was a difficult year. Living in hostel is one trouble, becoming the hostel's afternoon session's leader is another trouble. Having lots to take care off and adding the annoying juniors to take care is seriously a hand full. But Im glad I was able to handle things smoothly.
                        I guess I started taking exams seriously last year, my results were 8As,7A2Bs,9As,6A3Bs and finally 9As. Well, my results were not constant since I study at the last minute and I only focused on examinations than tests(hehe) . I guess that is just me.
                          So, in the month of March or was it April, I became a salesman helper at our school's Koperasi. Since the salesman or as we all call him, Abang Zul, helps the Badminton Club a lot and since I was the President of that club for the afternoon session, I grew closer to him, since there were always things he need to ask me about.
                             Last year was also the year that I also found friends that were really close to me. They were with me all the time and was always there when I needed them too. Oh... How I love all my 'girl friends'. They finally learned to understand me as I learned to understand them. I guess, friends are really someone we all need in our lives.
                           I'm shy to say this, but last year was also the year that made me noticed that being a teenaged girl is a lot related to boys. But I'm lucky to be able to control that and not become too enthusiastic about boys. With that said, we should always remember that whats important now is our studies not love relationships. I hope I can stick to this until I graduate from university. Amin!!
                            Well, I guess that is all about my life for now. So, what I want to remind you is that, everything we go through are just the things that will add the flavour on our life. Its not a life without its ups and downs, ok?

well, I guess thats all for now, 
'till then,
Good bye!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Homework! Homework! Homework!!

good morning, noon or night
to all of my readers
Just like my topic today....
I havent finished most of my homeworks yet
very tiringlaaaa
I have no idea when I will finish all of those stacked homework
behind me.
Because seriously 
there is so many and yet 
Im here writing things on my blog
(I wonder if my teacher is reading this....... 0o)
I am watching my television while writing this
Imagine how Japanese people eat fish that is not cooked
it is delicious but here is something you should becareful
when eating uncooked fish......
please be caution that you may have tapeworms in your stomachs
But its not like you cant enjoy it but heres a tip
try steam cooking, that way you can still enjoy it
so...... what else should I write..
So.... what else did I do today......
Oh, Yeah!
Yesterday I was watching some animes
(Anime is the Japanese cartoon like Doraemon)
(Manga is the Japanese comic)
so ..... i was watching 
Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
a really interesting anime
it is about a teenage girl who is the student council president
trying to change a used to be all boy school to a normal coed schooll
being a girl who is powerful in school,
she works as a waitress at a maid cafe to help her family
well thats all I can tell you about it
If you want to know more try watching it
so thats all for today....
 enjoy your life while you still can
'till then
and good bye!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The start of a new ................ HOLIDAY!!!!

Assalamualaikum dear readers!!
Good morning, noon or night to each and everyone of my readers
(although I dont have many readers...)
to start things off
our exams just ended so its like a relief to us
sorry because I haven't updated it recently ..hehehe
well..since I live in hostel 
its no wonder for that to happen
have you planned anything for the holiday?
as for me 
"The Cute Adek"
"masuk bakul angkat sendiri"
as the Malays said it...
US, SMKDSO students
Form 3 & 5
will be attending tuitions
(I really mean it, Im really hoping to go..)
Welll.... just to tell my readers...
we, SMKDSO 3KAA1 students
are assigned by our awesome teacher
Pn Munirah
to write a daily activity report
(or something like it.... :3)
on our blogs
each and everyone of us had already created a blog
and I hope you guys cant wait
to read what ever activity I will write
thats all for now....
until then
and Good bye!!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

sekolah dah start sudaaa...

tahun ni skolah dah start
geng2 form 3 suma dok 1 bagunan
waktu ni raselaaa cam fom 1 balek
cume beza dia...
peperiksaan yg nk ambik laaaa
dulu exam besa jaaa
taw2...dah PMR
kita ....
maw usaha lebih laaaa untuk PMR....
nnti keputusan semua mesti adek2 n kakak2 kat ostel nak taw
kena usaha gila2 laaa tahun nii