Thursday, 15 March 2012

my hopes towards the future

and a very good morning, noon or night to my precious readers.

I have a hope for my future,
and I dont know whats awaiting me,
whether it is sweet as sugar,
or as salty as salt,
i dont know,
and still hoping to know

                            Everyone have a hope for their future. As for me, my only one hope is actually for this world to become a better place for us to live in. The world we live know is not as safe as it is before. Everything is not going how it used to be.
                   The world that we are now walking on may not be safe anymore.Our beloved Earth is threatened. By who, by us humans. Maybe we are not the ones who are doing it, but look around you. Isn't deforestations done by human, isn't using Chlorofluorocarbon are human, open your minds and think about it. Almost everything we are using might affect the world we are living know. 
                            I hope that the smart readers reading this post, will take notice of what ever is happening to our beloved Earth. And I am sure that almost everyone of you who had read this will start to realize how big my hope is. So, know lets start making our world a better place.

Yesterday's doings.. :3

since assalamualaikum is already stated...
Good morning, noon or night to my non-muslim readers 
(if there is......)
allow me to recall what I did yesterday
But first I want to use my everyday language which is
Bahasa Malaysia
saya akan membahasakan diri saya 'adek'
sebab ni kan blog 'The Cute Adek'

kelmarin...lepas sembahyang subuh, tidur balek..hehhehhe :P.
pastu breakfast dengan family
(everyone lepas solat tido balek sebab x larat kecuali ayah ... ayah gi beli breakfast)
hanya sbagai peringatan, kitaorang still dekat bandar tasik puteri,selangor
pastu gi umah makcik dekat bandar country homes(dekat je)
duk kat situ sampai maghrib.kitaorang main internet dengan sepupu....hehehe.(seharian tuu)
lepas maghrib kitaorang gi umah mak teh dekat Taman Desa
(actually umah makcik, mak teh and ucu semua dekat2)
seronok tuuuu, makan dinner together, anjang pon ada,..
meriah gile....
tetapi pada penghujung dinner tu...
sepupu yang kitaorang men internet tu collapse tiba2 because of health problems...huhu
sedih......adek doakan dia cepat lega sebab skarang ni dia kat hospital
well, thats alla for now..
wassalamualaikum and goodbye!


I am soooo happy!!
finally, I am able to make this blog a lot better for my 
beloved readers
I hope you guys will enjoy this blog a lot more.
And I am sorry if the 'renovations'
made your computer or whatsoever slow...
I'm sorry about that.

Anyways....enjoy my blog!
untill then
and goodbye!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

my best friend!!

                   Everyone have their own best friend. Some people call them buddies but I think of them as a family. A friend is someone who is close to us, understand us, care for,us and will always be there for us. Its not surprising that everyone have at least one best friend.
                   So, allow me to share with all you about my best friend. Her name is Najwa Najihah. She is the same age as I am. That was what grew us closer to each other. She was born on October 1997. She is 6 months younger than me but we did not care. 
                   During form 1, she used to be a SMK Tunku Sharifah Rodhiah student and moved to SMKDSO after one week of schooling. But, since we go to the same school before, so no 'introduction' is needed, if you know what I mean.Know, she is in the same class as I am, 3 KAA 1. 
                      Najwa is a cute person, with cute personalities. Its a shame if you do not know her. She is a talkative person. Cheerful and always ready to give away a smile which is something that I adore her. Even if I started hating her, the hate just would not last. I guess it is because how she entertains me with all her funny jokes or something.
                    I am very glad to have a friend like her in my life. But do not be jelous of me because I actually have 3 more best friends behind me with her at my side. They are Husna, Azhani and my beloved sister Hazwani.  
                     As a conclusion, it does not matter how many best friends you have as long as you know how to take care of their feeling and treat them well.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The last day of SCHOOL TUITION!!

and good morning noon or night
How are you? 
my dear readers??
I hope your fine as always
say thanks to The Almighty for giving us healthy health as we live

I want to announce this to everyone
but still..
at the same time
it is still sad to not be able to see my friends anymore
oh well....
I'll see them when school starts right?
after coming back from tuition
at about 4 pm
my family and I started our trip to Rawang!!
Now Im at my brother's house at Bandar Tasik Puteri
his house has wifi!
Im going to use it as much as I can
(without ignoring my responsibilities, of course)
I guess that is all for now
Im so tired!
Assalamualaikum and
Good night


Monday, 12 March 2012

My life . . . :3

Assalamualaikum and good morning, noon or night
to all of my readers
Today Im gonna talk about my life
I wonder what I should talk about.......
Well, here goes nothing

                      My life. A word full of meanings. It means anything to anyone.No matter who you are or where you come from.
                      What do you think of my life? I guess its hard to think since everyone has their own life to think about. It does not matter what you think of my life. But let me tell you how my life actually goes.
                       I am born on the 18th of May 1997. A special day to me. I was also born a twin. My twin is a girl and her name is Hazwani.(Check out her blog at . 
                        Last year (2011), was a difficult year. Living in hostel is one trouble, becoming the hostel's afternoon session's leader is another trouble. Having lots to take care off and adding the annoying juniors to take care is seriously a hand full. But Im glad I was able to handle things smoothly.
                        I guess I started taking exams seriously last year, my results were 8As,7A2Bs,9As,6A3Bs and finally 9As. Well, my results were not constant since I study at the last minute and I only focused on examinations than tests(hehe) . I guess that is just me.
                          So, in the month of March or was it April, I became a salesman helper at our school's Koperasi. Since the salesman or as we all call him, Abang Zul, helps the Badminton Club a lot and since I was the President of that club for the afternoon session, I grew closer to him, since there were always things he need to ask me about.
                             Last year was also the year that I also found friends that were really close to me. They were with me all the time and was always there when I needed them too. Oh... How I love all my 'girl friends'. They finally learned to understand me as I learned to understand them. I guess, friends are really someone we all need in our lives.
                           I'm shy to say this, but last year was also the year that made me noticed that being a teenaged girl is a lot related to boys. But I'm lucky to be able to control that and not become too enthusiastic about boys. With that said, we should always remember that whats important now is our studies not love relationships. I hope I can stick to this until I graduate from university. Amin!!
                            Well, I guess that is all about my life for now. So, what I want to remind you is that, everything we go through are just the things that will add the flavour on our life. Its not a life without its ups and downs, ok?

well, I guess thats all for now, 
'till then,
Good bye!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Homework! Homework! Homework!!

good morning, noon or night
to all of my readers
Just like my topic today....
I havent finished most of my homeworks yet
very tiringlaaaa
I have no idea when I will finish all of those stacked homework
behind me.
Because seriously 
there is so many and yet 
Im here writing things on my blog
(I wonder if my teacher is reading this....... 0o)
I am watching my television while writing this
Imagine how Japanese people eat fish that is not cooked
it is delicious but here is something you should becareful
when eating uncooked fish......
please be caution that you may have tapeworms in your stomachs
But its not like you cant enjoy it but heres a tip
try steam cooking, that way you can still enjoy it
so...... what else should I write..
So.... what else did I do today......
Oh, Yeah!
Yesterday I was watching some animes
(Anime is the Japanese cartoon like Doraemon)
(Manga is the Japanese comic)
so ..... i was watching 
Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
a really interesting anime
it is about a teenage girl who is the student council president
trying to change a used to be all boy school to a normal coed schooll
being a girl who is powerful in school,
she works as a waitress at a maid cafe to help her family
well thats all I can tell you about it
If you want to know more try watching it
so thats all for today....
 enjoy your life while you still can
'till then
and good bye!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The start of a new ................ HOLIDAY!!!!

Assalamualaikum dear readers!!
Good morning, noon or night to each and everyone of my readers
(although I dont have many readers...)
to start things off
our exams just ended so its like a relief to us
sorry because I haven't updated it recently ..hehehe
well..since I live in hostel 
its no wonder for that to happen
have you planned anything for the holiday?
as for me 
"The Cute Adek"
"masuk bakul angkat sendiri"
as the Malays said it...
US, SMKDSO students
Form 3 & 5
will be attending tuitions
(I really mean it, Im really hoping to go..)
Welll.... just to tell my readers...
we, SMKDSO 3KAA1 students
are assigned by our awesome teacher
Pn Munirah
to write a daily activity report
(or something like it.... :3)
on our blogs
each and everyone of us had already created a blog
and I hope you guys cant wait
to read what ever activity I will write
thats all for now....
until then
and Good bye!!!