Friday, 9 March 2012

Homework! Homework! Homework!!

good morning, noon or night
to all of my readers
Just like my topic today....
I havent finished most of my homeworks yet
very tiringlaaaa
I have no idea when I will finish all of those stacked homework
behind me.
Because seriously 
there is so many and yet 
Im here writing things on my blog
(I wonder if my teacher is reading this....... 0o)
I am watching my television while writing this
Imagine how Japanese people eat fish that is not cooked
it is delicious but here is something you should becareful
when eating uncooked fish......
please be caution that you may have tapeworms in your stomachs
But its not like you cant enjoy it but heres a tip
try steam cooking, that way you can still enjoy it
so...... what else should I write..
So.... what else did I do today......
Oh, Yeah!
Yesterday I was watching some animes
(Anime is the Japanese cartoon like Doraemon)
(Manga is the Japanese comic)
so ..... i was watching 
Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama
a really interesting anime
it is about a teenage girl who is the student council president
trying to change a used to be all boy school to a normal coed schooll
being a girl who is powerful in school,
she works as a waitress at a maid cafe to help her family
well thats all I can tell you about it
If you want to know more try watching it
so thats all for today....
 enjoy your life while you still can
'till then
and good bye!

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