Wednesday, 14 March 2012

my best friend!!

                   Everyone have their own best friend. Some people call them buddies but I think of them as a family. A friend is someone who is close to us, understand us, care for,us and will always be there for us. Its not surprising that everyone have at least one best friend.
                   So, allow me to share with all you about my best friend. Her name is Najwa Najihah. She is the same age as I am. That was what grew us closer to each other. She was born on October 1997. She is 6 months younger than me but we did not care. 
                   During form 1, she used to be a SMK Tunku Sharifah Rodhiah student and moved to SMKDSO after one week of schooling. But, since we go to the same school before, so no 'introduction' is needed, if you know what I mean.Know, she is in the same class as I am, 3 KAA 1. 
                      Najwa is a cute person, with cute personalities. Its a shame if you do not know her. She is a talkative person. Cheerful and always ready to give away a smile which is something that I adore her. Even if I started hating her, the hate just would not last. I guess it is because how she entertains me with all her funny jokes or something.
                    I am very glad to have a friend like her in my life. But do not be jelous of me because I actually have 3 more best friends behind me with her at my side. They are Husna, Azhani and my beloved sister Hazwani.  
                     As a conclusion, it does not matter how many best friends you have as long as you know how to take care of their feeling and treat them well.



  1. dearest adik, very interesting indeed. you are right, doesn't matter how many best friends you have as long as you know how to take care of their feelings and treat them well then it would be alright. however, focus on your spelling ok.

    1. yeah.... i know there was this word that I had no idea how to spell it....but I still wanted it to be there....hehehe.....forgive my mistake, sensei!