Thursday, 15 March 2012

my hopes towards the future

and a very good morning, noon or night to my precious readers.

I have a hope for my future,
and I dont know whats awaiting me,
whether it is sweet as sugar,
or as salty as salt,
i dont know,
and still hoping to know

                            Everyone have a hope for their future. As for me, my only one hope is actually for this world to become a better place for us to live in. The world we live know is not as safe as it is before. Everything is not going how it used to be.
                   The world that we are now walking on may not be safe anymore.Our beloved Earth is threatened. By who, by us humans. Maybe we are not the ones who are doing it, but look around you. Isn't deforestations done by human, isn't using Chlorofluorocarbon are human, open your minds and think about it. Almost everything we are using might affect the world we are living know. 
                            I hope that the smart readers reading this post, will take notice of what ever is happening to our beloved Earth. And I am sure that almost everyone of you who had read this will start to realize how big my hope is. So, know lets start making our world a better place.

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