Monday, 12 March 2012

My life . . . :3

Assalamualaikum and good morning, noon or night
to all of my readers
Today Im gonna talk about my life
I wonder what I should talk about.......
Well, here goes nothing

                      My life. A word full of meanings. It means anything to anyone.No matter who you are or where you come from.
                      What do you think of my life? I guess its hard to think since everyone has their own life to think about. It does not matter what you think of my life. But let me tell you how my life actually goes.
                       I am born on the 18th of May 1997. A special day to me. I was also born a twin. My twin is a girl and her name is Hazwani.(Check out her blog at . 
                        Last year (2011), was a difficult year. Living in hostel is one trouble, becoming the hostel's afternoon session's leader is another trouble. Having lots to take care off and adding the annoying juniors to take care is seriously a hand full. But Im glad I was able to handle things smoothly.
                        I guess I started taking exams seriously last year, my results were 8As,7A2Bs,9As,6A3Bs and finally 9As. Well, my results were not constant since I study at the last minute and I only focused on examinations than tests(hehe) . I guess that is just me.
                          So, in the month of March or was it April, I became a salesman helper at our school's Koperasi. Since the salesman or as we all call him, Abang Zul, helps the Badminton Club a lot and since I was the President of that club for the afternoon session, I grew closer to him, since there were always things he need to ask me about.
                             Last year was also the year that I also found friends that were really close to me. They were with me all the time and was always there when I needed them too. Oh... How I love all my 'girl friends'. They finally learned to understand me as I learned to understand them. I guess, friends are really someone we all need in our lives.
                           I'm shy to say this, but last year was also the year that made me noticed that being a teenaged girl is a lot related to boys. But I'm lucky to be able to control that and not become too enthusiastic about boys. With that said, we should always remember that whats important now is our studies not love relationships. I hope I can stick to this until I graduate from university. Amin!!
                            Well, I guess that is all about my life for now. So, what I want to remind you is that, everything we go through are just the things that will add the flavour on our life. Its not a life without its ups and downs, ok?

well, I guess thats all for now, 
'till then,
Good bye!

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  1. adik, well said. I do believe that we have to put our top priority towards our parents' hope that is to to score with flying colours for the exams.wait for my next task soon. hehehe. good job. ideas are elaborated well but every now and then check the tenses n sentence structure.