Saturday, 21 April 2012

After a while

Akhirnya....sorry stelah lama adek x menulis..
tapi ni pon x dpat nak tules panjang2 sebab nak keluaw..
ampun dipinta ... maaf dihulur la yee

Friday, 6 April 2012

an unforgettable event

and a very good morning noon or night to my dear reader. 
so this it, how it goes..
my uncle and his family came and went to Thailand, 
they decided to stay there for a night.
unluckiy orthem Hatyai's Lee Garden blew up and their car blew up too.
 But luckily, they were already out from the car and went shopping.
our family, here in malaysia had done so many ways to save them 
and to bring them out from Thailand.
My aunt called the Malaysia's Embassador and talked their way out.
All of my mother's relative came to help them out.
after days and days of waiting at the border, they were finally out.
 at all those time, i was at my hostel and was only able to hear from far.
so, that was all that happened and now they are still thinking about the car that blew up.
but im really relieved that my uncle's family are all safe.