Thursday, 31 May 2012

Here I go!

And a very good morning, noon or night to all my readers!. How are you?
its been a long while since I wrote to you.... hehehe....sorry...
today lets celebrate with my newest assignment...
the question's not given because its given during class on a paper
(Its a guided writing..)
here i go...

       The school holidays just started a few weeks ago. The students of SMK Dato' Syed Omar went on a trip to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Malaysia. It was the waterfall at Ulu Yam. Although some of them had already went there before but they wanted to gain other experience with their friends.
       The trip started early in the morning. It was 6.40 a.m when everyone gathered at the school compound. After we gathered at the school compound we started to walk to the nearest bus station.  Although the bus came a little bit late but it did not burn our spirits to go to Ulu Yam. After waiting, the bus came and we rode the bus to our destination, Ulu Yam.

       We reached Ulu Yam at 1 p.m. Everyone was excited as we got down the bus. The view was wonderful as it is surrounded with the undisturbed forest. We then found out that it was a recreation park. We also found out that Ulu Yam was famous for it's waterfalls. There were many people there when we arrived. Everyone changed their clothes and dove into the cold waters. it was an enjoyable time to all of us.

       Suddenly the rain came pouring down. It did spoiled our mood a little. Everyone jumped out of the water and ran to find shelter. We all tried to save themselves from the rain. We changed our clothes and those who did not change their clothes were found wet because of the rain. But it was a fun experience for all of us. While waiting for the rain to settle down we decided to do our prayers. One of the boys in our group became the 'imam' of our jamaah.

      A few minutes later, the rain stopped and we were able to continue our activities. So, we decided to start the barbecue we had all been waiting for. the boys went to search for some firewood and started a bonfire. We grilled marshmallows and fishes we caught earlier. Some brought out some food and snacks for us to enjoy. 
   We went to swim again and after enjoying all the time we had went home by bus. It was late in the evening when the bus came and we reached home 6 hours later. It was a really exciting experience to all of us.
so, how was it?
enjoyed reading it?
Im sorry if anything is wrong and comment down there
make sure to read my next assignment later on.
till then, ciaou!


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