Thursday, 31 May 2012

The next assignment-(Here I go!-2)-

and a very very good morning, noon or night to my readers.
How are ya?
Did you read my last post?
hope you did..
Just to tell you guys again that was my first assignment after quite some time.
today I got another assignment to complete.
And just like before, the assignment was given on a piece on paper and it was a guided writing.
(Just like the past post)
this time.. the guided writing was an article 
on the importance of eating more vegetables and fruits.
Here I go!

                For many reasons, vegetables and fruits became very important for all of us. It became an important food for each and every human to take in their meals.In this article, I am going to focus on the importance of eating vegetables and fruits in our daily diet.

               Do you know that eating vegetables make you healthy? If you are already healthy then it will make you healthier. The fruits or vegetables you eat gives you a large dose of vitamins needed in your body. This is the biggest reason why vegetables and fruits or important to all of us. Eating unhealthy food such as burgers or pizzas can never satisfy our needs on vitamins like vegetables do.

                Eating fruits and vegetables also gives you a clearer complexion. It also reduces pimples! This is what all girls want and of course boys.There is no question about what one can do in order to get a fairer and clearer complexion. Having better appearance will boost confidence in oneself. They will feel a lot confident in what they do in their daily activities.

                 This is one of the biggest difference between junk food and vegetables. Vegetables are a lot cheaper than junk food and fast food! It helps you save up more money than buying and eating all those junk food and fast food. By saying that it also means that an individual can learn to spent money wisely. So, not only that one can become healthy but they can also save money.

                 And finally, eating these healthy vegetables and fruits makes you feel energetic and active. It also means that you will have a perfect body structure desired by anyone. It reduces the risk of getting terrible diseases hunting anyone nowadays. The referred diseases are diabetes and heart problems.

                 So, let me ask you, do you want to lose a leg just because of food? Or do you want to live in wards also because of the food you eat? Start changing how your mind thinks and talks and start eating all these healthy foods!

Well thats all for now I'll right some more later on.

'till then ciao!

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