Tuesday, 21 August 2012

selamat ari raya!

how are you?
selamat ari raya id like to wish to everyon!
raya this year was very2 tiring..
even the day before raya was tiring
i was happy that my along and my kak long got home from rawang safe and sound
and on the second day of  raya
we went to rawang to meet my mother's relatives
it was a very happy situation
every one was laughing and happy to meet each other.
i wish this raya could last forever but it just couldn't
oh well
thats all for now
catch you later!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012


heya everyone!
today is such a busy day!
as we all know today is raya!
a day celebrated by all muslims..
my elbow hurts although its my mouth that was doing all the job
my draft have completed and hope you guys will enjoy reading it..



the railway children-courageous-

Write about a character that shows courageous

                The novel that I have studied in Form 3 is The Railway Children. This novel is written by Edith Nesbit.

                Based on the novel The Railway Children, one of the characters which show courageous is Roberta or also known as Bobbie. Courageous was shown by Bobbie in Chapter 4 Bobbie's Ride, Chapter 5 Saving the train and in Chapter 6 The boy in the Red Shirt.

                Chapter 4 highlights what happened to Bobbie as she couragely went to where the trains stopped alone. The incident starts after Bobbie’s birthday. Peter gave Bobbie sweets for her birthday. Peter also gave her half of his engine. Bobbie decided to take the broken part of the engine. It was a lovely birthday for Bobbie. The next day, Bobbie put Peter’s train in a box and took it down the railway. She did not go to the railway but instead to the place where the engines stopped. When the next train came in, Bobbie went across the line and stood beside the engine. She had never been close to one before, and it was very big. The driver and the fireman did not see her. They were talking to perks, the porter on the other side of the line. Bobbie called out for them but they did not hear her for the engine was making too much noise and steam. So, she climbed on to the step of the engine but suddenly, the train began to move. Bobbie fell inside, on to the heap of coal. He cried for help. But still the men did not see her or hear her. Bobbie knew that she should not be there and she thought that she will be in big trouble as the train began to move faster. She put out her hand and touched the nearest arm, and the driver turned round quickly. The driver was shocked to see Bobbie and Bobbie began to cry. This seemed to worry the two men. They took several minutes to calm her down and to stop her from crying. The two men asked Bobbie why was she here. Bobbie explained everything and told the two men that she wanted someone to help her mend the toy steam engine. The driver took the little engine and the two men agreed to help Bobbie fix Peter’s steam engine. Now, they had to think of a way to get Bobbie home. Bobbie stayed on the train until they reached Stackpoole Junction. While waiting, she asked the two men all about driving a steam engine. It was all very interesting. At Stackpoole Junction, the two railway men put her on another train and sent her home. Bobbie was back in time for tea. She did not tell her siblings about her adventure. It was some weeks before Bobbie took her brother and sister to meet the friendly engine driver and fireman. The two children were very surprised. This incident shows that Bobbie is a courageous girl. She braves herself as went to where the engines stop.

                The next incident which shows Bobbie is courage is in Chapter 5 Saving the Train. One day, the children were walking by the fence along the top of the hill beside the railway line. Phyllis stood by the fence and looked down at the lines at the bottom. Suddenly, they heard a noise. It was soft, but very clear, and suddenly began to get louder. The girls looked and saw a tree moving slowly downwards on the opposite side of the railway line. They thought it was magic. They watched as the trees moved on and on, grass and stones moving with them. Then a big rock began to move as well, and suddenly half the hillside was moving. A second or two later, everything came crashing down in a big heap on the railway line below. They were as the landslide was across the railway line. They wanted to inform the people at the railway station but it was too late for the 11.29 would come. They thought for a moment. Peter pointed out that they needed something red to warn the people on the train. Peter knew that red would mean danger. Phyllis remembered that their petticoats were red. The girls took off their petticoats and took some sticks. Peter took a knife from his pocket and cut them into six pieces. The petticoats were then put onto sticks. They had six flags. They pushed two of the flags into the heaps of stone between the lines, then Bobbie and Phyllis each took one and Peter took the other two. They stood ready to wave them immediately the train appeared. It seemed a long time before they heard the train coming. The train came very, very fast as they waved their flags. The lines begin to shake. Suddenly the flag that was pushed on to the heaps of coal fell over, but Bobbie ran across and picked up one of them even when Peter told not to. They were frightened if the train did not want to stop. She ran onto the line, waving her two flags. Peter once again told Bobbie to get off the line, bit Bobbie did not move from the line. She waved and waved her flags, shouting to the train to stop as the big steam engine came towards her. Lucky for Bobbie the train did stop only 20 metres away from Bobbie. Peter and Phyllis ran along the line to tell the driver about the trees and rocks around the corner. Bobbie could not move because her legs were shaking too much, she had to sit down on the ground. This incident shows how brave or courage Bobbie is as she stepped on the line. She did not care what will happen to her as long as she can save the train.

                The final incident that shows courage in Bobbie is in Chapter 6 the Boy in the Red Shirt. That day, the boys from Maidbridge held a paper-chase. Perks told the children that the boys may go along beside the railway line, so the children decided to watch. There were men working on the railway line, and the children began by watching them. They almost forgot about the paper-chase and heard a voice that shouted “Let me pass, please.” It was the first boy from the school. They watched as the boys ran. The final boy was wearing a red shirt. The boys ran through the tunnel. The three children decided to wait on the other side of the tunnel to watch the boys run. They had to wait for almost one hour for the boys to run through. Alas, the boys ran through the tunnel. They watched as the boys ran by, for some reason they did not see the boy in the red shirt. The children began to worry, and they climbed down to the mouth of the tunnel, but they could not see the boy in the red shirt because it was too dark. Since the tunnel was dark, they walked beside the line. Peter advised her sisters to stand flat on the wall if a train came. There was a low noise on the railway line and suddenly, a train came. They pushed themselves against the wall. After the train went by, Peter took out and end of a candle from his pocket, and his hands was shaking when he lit it with a match. And so, the children went further inside the tunnel.  To their amazement, they saw the boy in the red shirt on the ground, beside the line. His eyes were closed and he did not move when they reached him. Slowly the boy opened his eyes. Bobbie asked if the boy could walk or not. The boy did try to walk, but he could only stand on one foot. The pain was awful. He sat down again and closed his eyes. The others looked at each other. Bobbie told her siblings to go find help for the boy. She also told her siblings that she will stay with the boy. Peter looked worried, he was worried for Bobbie because she would be alone in the tunnel with the boy. Bobbie cuts that thought and told her siblings to go fetch help. Bobbie asked for Peter’s knife and after that Peter and Phyllis went away. Bobbie watched as their figures disappear, and then she put her little candle beside the boy’s foot. Bobbie used the knife to cut the boy’s boot off, then she looked at the broken leg. The boy woke up. Bobbie learned that the boy’s name was Jim and he was from Northumberland.  At that time, Peter and Phyllis went to the farm to get help. When the two children got back from the tunnel with the men from the farm, they found Bobbie and Jim asleep. The men carried Jim on a piece of flat wood. So, in the end of this incident, Jim was taken to the children’s home and Mother took care of Jim. This incident shows how courageous Bobbie is as she bravely stayed alone with Jim in the dark tunnel.

                As a conclusion, Bobbie really showed courageous in her actions. I really admire how courageous she is when she was in each situation. In chapter 4 which is my first point, Bobbie was brave as she went to where the trains stop alone. Meanwhile in Chapter 5, it was brave of Bobbie as she stepped on the line and finally, in chapter 6 it was courageous of Bobbie to stay with Jim in the dark tunnel alone. That is why I chose Bobbie as the character which shows courageous in her actions.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Its almost done!

just to tell you guys..
my draft is almost over!
I hope you guys cant wait to read it
even I cant wait to see it published here..
I wonder what will my teacher say.
There is still some things I got to write
Im writing my conclusion for now

what else should I write here.
Its jealous to see other people can write long entries for their blog
I thought I wanna try doing that too
but my problem is..
I got quite nothing to write..
maybe you guys can help me brainstorm..
let me tell you guys about my past trial.
It was ..
I have no idea how to describe it
Living Skills..
Agama Islam..
A total of nine subjects..
other people only took eight subjects.
but I took nine..
My whole class,3 KAA 1 and 3KAA 2 took 9 subjects altogether.
It was quite a struggle to achieve all those nine As.
wish us luck!

thats all for now 
make sure to read my literature draft okay!



Heya guys! whats up? the sky is up.. of course.. duh!
A very good morning noon or nght to all my readers.... 
asssalamualaikum has already been 'pictured' so I dont need to write that twice right?
any ways enough of those introductions which im sure you guys are already tired to read

Cuti raya has started....
but that has also mean that pmr is getting closer

not just pmr but spm is too..
but for now Im facing PMR
pickles ..
My results were okay... right teacher munirah?
but I know I had to try a thousand times more harder to beat all my rivalz
My closest rivals are apparently my closest friends
that all right, right?
because that means Im leading a healthy fight among my friend 
actually im writing this because im actually tired of writing my draft
arghhhh its soo long
cant wait till teacher munirah reads it....hahaha

There are lots of things I want to tell you guys of course 
but ... nah
maybe not
 I dont quite have the time actually..

the real point is...
my PMR is coming although Eid Fitr is coming but all those books arent gonna read themselves , you know!
especially History and Geography... those are some topics I got to review...
its already late at night and I think I can already go wish everyone good morning by now, ahakz!
Good Night Malaysia!

love ya!
ciaou                        :3

my raya homework

And a very good morning, noon or night to all of you...
how are ya?
Im fine thank you.
its been a while since I wrote,
ramadhan came and went....
only 2 days left till......
since I live in Kedah...
we were given a one day early holiday,
so that means 
I got pretty much nothing to do
but luckily..
our English language teacher gave us homework 
to fill that empty spot.....
I dont know if I want to say Im happy or not...
PMR is only a few months away..... so I guess I should be happy...
I guess

Relating to the homework...
my whole class and I got 2 literature homework to be done..
my group A.K.A Adik's group(which is me)
was assigned to complete a literature essay on characters.
the literature is a new literature which is a novel named 
The Railway Children
you can watch the movie in Youtube if you'd like
Our group have to write on a character which shows courageous and shows true leadership....
Anyways ...
wish me luck!