Friday, 17 August 2012


Heya guys! whats up? the sky is up.. of course.. duh!
A very good morning noon or nght to all my readers.... 
asssalamualaikum has already been 'pictured' so I dont need to write that twice right?
any ways enough of those introductions which im sure you guys are already tired to read

Cuti raya has started....
but that has also mean that pmr is getting closer

not just pmr but spm is too..
but for now Im facing PMR
pickles ..
My results were okay... right teacher munirah?
but I know I had to try a thousand times more harder to beat all my rivalz
My closest rivals are apparently my closest friends
that all right, right?
because that means Im leading a healthy fight among my friend 
actually im writing this because im actually tired of writing my draft
arghhhh its soo long
cant wait till teacher munirah reads it....hahaha

There are lots of things I want to tell you guys of course 
but ... nah
maybe not
 I dont quite have the time actually..

the real point is...
my PMR is coming although Eid Fitr is coming but all those books arent gonna read themselves , you know!
especially History and Geography... those are some topics I got to review...
its already late at night and I think I can already go wish everyone good morning by now, ahakz!
Good Night Malaysia!

love ya!
ciaou                        :3

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