Thursday, 27 December 2012

Still new here

apa khabar suma?
sihat x..
 klaw sihat alhamdulillah~
Looks like this is the second time of me posting for this blog..
for some reason, every time I'm writing for this blog I always felt a feeling to write more and more.(Or was that just me)
every time I visited my friends blog, I felt the urge the write more for the readers of this blog..
so, sekarang penulis tengah baca tentang Google+.. anyone have any thoughts of this, because I dont now anything about it.. since I'm mostly fond of Facebook so, its quite hard to put some other things.. so, I guess I should just stack 'em all up in a pile in my big brain here and leave it undone..hehehe..(that's not a good habit, isn't it?)
I'm trying to learn more about Google+ but it just looks hard to understand....
Help me? anyone? please?
do leave a comment if you know anything about Google+...
Of course you guys have the complete right to say that 'I AM AN AMATEUR' when it comes to these things but at least 'I AM AN AMATEUR WHO IS WILLING TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW'..right?
looks like I'm done for today,
oh! almost forgot, my internet will be stopped tomorrow at 8.29pm, I think. So, I wont be able to update anymore. sorry~ and until then I better make the most out of it, right? Of course I wont be neglecting my prayers and solat , for I Am a MuSLliMah!!

till my next post,
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah~

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