Wednesday, 26 November 2014



    Welcome. Blog ni dah ubah balik bentuk. Hehehe. I decided to stop using BlogSkins as ... Oh well, thats the past. I really want to forget it.There was a bad incident after using BlogSkins. Jangan risau, benda ni takde kaitan dengan creator BlogSkins, hanya dengan ... Oh well. Malas! Malas! Malas!

Do you guys like it? I hope you like the new look for this blog regardless of how it looks.
    Anyways, I think this is better. I'll just stick to the normal - old style editing, like using blogger templates that was already given. No need to be too beautiful, right blog? As for as I know, umat Islam mestilah mengamalkan kesederhanaan dalam kehidupan. Tak boleh nak tabarruj dan sebagainya. Apa-apa yang ada kita manfaatkan sepenuhnya.  ... Cewah!

 #Alhamdulillah, perjuangan di medan perang sudah selesai, hanya menunggu keputusannya sahaja.#

Friday, 4 July 2014



   Life is full of ups and downs and it shall always be like that. Though we often wish for a better life, but Allah always knows whats the best for us and are we to do change that as we can only go with the changes.

   And then there come times when we need others to help us, therefore we seek advices and help. Its rather awkward when we deny the advices or helps given when we are actually asking for it. Well, here's my point. If we want others to help us by giving advices, try seeking your way in to the advice before you actually disapprove it. Theres always a good reason why they chose to give you that advice, if not, what for?

   We should know better that the advices given sometimes may be the best answer for us though we may not notice it. May be they know you better than how you know yourself, thus they gave their advice or suggestion. Not to mention, that if we deny their suggestion or advice head on, we may hurt their feelings. They're humans, you too, be careful with your words and what you want to say. Every words counts.With that little word, you may hurt someones feelings, when they are actually trying to cure yours.

Be careful, okay?




Read the title? That actually came into mind one day. Though I just transformed this blog. I was thinking of doing it again, but not now, of course. I'm starting to get busy and busy with exam preparations.

So, I hope you guys are going to get ready for this little blog's new transformation, hehehe. Then again, the 'construction' for this little fella may be in the end of the year as I have to until after SPM. hoho, thats sad though.

Well, Catch you later! See YA!


Thursday, 5 June 2014


Assalamualaikum peeps!
Hows holidays?(Cliche gile soalan)

     Harap2 korang semua seronok bercuti, but dont forget, sesapa yg rasa macam ada big exams of their lives uo, sedar-sedarlah diri and pergi study. Just a simple reminder to me and you guys. No big deal.

    Actually, hari ni nak cerita sikit pasal the new look of this blog! Well, do you like it? Nak tukar guna BlogSkins punyala lama, sampai sehari nak settlekan benda tu je. Its very challenging indeed.

    For example, bila dh tukar guna BlogSkins, butang layout dh x de. At first, gelabah la jugak sebab dh tak taw camna nak tukar gadget2 kat blog. And then, decided to get some blogger help, that is from other bloggers. Sedikit sebanyak diorang punya tutorials membantu. Not all-la, kadang2 ada je code2 yg diorang sruh cari tapi tak de.. So, terpaksalah iolls cari sendiri.. Huhuhu. Letih dow!

     Heehe. A little cotton candy after a hard day's work!
Until next time! See ya!


Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Assalamualaikum peeps!!

Apa khabar semua? Alhamdulillah, skarang dah 2014.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hope its still not to late to wish that -.- hehe..

   I'm very sorry for not posting for quite some time. I've been really busy with SPM preparations, but to top that all off, I was also busy with WARDATULHAMRA!!!! Well, looks like I've got a thing when t comes to things like these. Again I hold the position as the official percussionist for my group, and it looks like it cant be changed anyhow.

   Well, tu gambar dekat peringkat negeri, for some awkward reason, tahun ni tak banyak bergambar sgt. We've been practising seriouly and we faced tons of challenges from the inside and outside. We cried, shed tears, laughed, joked, chatted and eat together. We're one big WH family.