Friday, 4 July 2014



   Life is full of ups and downs and it shall always be like that. Though we often wish for a better life, but Allah always knows whats the best for us and are we to do change that as we can only go with the changes.

   And then there come times when we need others to help us, therefore we seek advices and help. Its rather awkward when we deny the advices or helps given when we are actually asking for it. Well, here's my point. If we want others to help us by giving advices, try seeking your way in to the advice before you actually disapprove it. Theres always a good reason why they chose to give you that advice, if not, what for?

   We should know better that the advices given sometimes may be the best answer for us though we may not notice it. May be they know you better than how you know yourself, thus they gave their advice or suggestion. Not to mention, that if we deny their suggestion or advice head on, we may hurt their feelings. They're humans, you too, be careful with your words and what you want to say. Every words counts.With that little word, you may hurt someones feelings, when they are actually trying to cure yours.

Be careful, okay?


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