Friday, 23 January 2015

Lets Start Shall We?

Good morning noon or night to all my readers~

How are ya?

Today's post is all about giving this blog a jump start. I know, I know.. this is going to take ages. Tapi, tak salah nak cube kan kan. Ahahaha.. Doa la ea ntuk iolls same. Manusia ni saling melengkapi bukan?

Anyway, tahun ni iolls akan cube ntuk post byk2 skit kat blog ni every now and then, inshaAllah. Tapi x tawlah nak jdi ape. Hahaha. Dear readers, please bear with me for another year, okay? hehe

FYI, WardatulHamra nasyeed group has already started practice for 2015 session. Dude, susah gile nak train budak2 baru bile dtg bab2 percussion ni. But, it's not a fight without struggles right? Tahun ni memang kitorang kena usaha betul-betul because it's now or never!

Ganbatte ne Blog-san! Wardatulhamra!

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